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Stem Cell/Plasma Therapy

Also known as Stem Cell Therapy, Vampire Face Lift, Liquid Face Lift, Autologous natural face lift.  Selphyl, Arteriocyte, My Cell and Regen Plasma named procedures are all based on the similar concept.


Become beautiful and have youthful skin with your own blood platelet rich plasma and growth factors. A simple procedure can turn the clock back.


faceliftPlatelet Rich Plasma Face Lift is a noninvasive in office procedure where small amount of your blood is drawn from your arm, then platelet rich plasma is obtained with simple techniques and injected into your face or neck. This utilizes your own natural growth factors and other cytokines to give the skin texture, tone, glow, tightness and fullness. Within a few days after the injections, your growth factors are released and start making new collagen, fibrin matrix, angiogenesis and new cells.  You get youthful vibrant looking skin, less wrinkles and lines. This is all natural your own growth factors, no synthetic fillers or toxins used and no surgery is required. With this there are no allergic reactions as may occur with synthetic fillers and toxins. This treatment can be done on its own or can be combined with Fractional Laser or Radiofrequency Resurfacing.



It is a simple, reliable and quick procedure. Can be done during lunch time within 30 minutes. It gives great results and glow to your skin. It is all natural, utilizing your own growth factors with no synthetic products or surgery.  Your own blood does the job. This procedure does not cause bumps, lumps or irregularities.


What to expect during and after the procedure

Microinjections are done after brief topical anesthetic cream application.  Minimal irritation, redness, swelling or bruising may occur although rare. Majority of the patients do not feel anything at all.


FDA cleared — The effect can last up to one to two years.


Liquid Face Lift is also done in our office with combination of Fillers, muscle relaxers and Platelet rich plasma.  Excellent results are achieved with fractional laser resurfacing with PRP in rejuvenation of skin. Acne scars have excellent results.

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