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What is MINT Lift?

MINT Lift stands for “Minimal Invasive Non-surgical Thread”. This unique thread is made of biodegradable material called PDO (polydioxanone) and it is specially designed for mid-face lifting. MINT Lift procedure requires no incision sites therefore it does not leave any scar and the patient can return to his/her daily life right after the procedure. The pulling effect of the cogs and stimulating the collagen formation enables natural instant results and gradually gains better lifting effect.

What are the benefits?

A sharper face line can be made by pulling the sagging tissue on the mid-face. Nasolabial folds, marionette folds and squared chin can also be improved by MINT Lift. Not on improving the presenting wrinkles and folds, tissue sagging can be prevented and delays the aging procedure.

Can it be done on lunch break?

It is a simple and fast procedure which only local anesthesia is required. MINT Lift can be done within an hour and the patient can return to normal life right after the procedure.

How long will the effects last?

Instant lifting results can be obtained by the special cogs on the thread. Formation of collagen maintains the lifting effect. These two methods are combined to bring effective and long lasting facial lifting. The lifting effect lasts for 10~12 months.

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